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Foundation Repair for Burbank

Earthquake Retrofitting for Burbank

For nearly 20 years now, Alpha Structural, Inc. has developed a powerful reputation as the #1 Foundation Repair, Landslide repair and Earthquake Retrofitting Contractor in the Burbank CA area.

So, why choose Alpha Structural, Inc.?

We're the most experienced Foundation Contractor in Burbank.

We have over 200 years of combined technical experience. And all of our experience is hard-core and down-in-the-trenches, not managed from behind a computer. Our in-house engineers and technicians are among the most experienced in all of Southern California.

We're the ONLY company in the Los Angeles area licensed to ENGINEER and BUILD any type of foundation repair. What does this mean? You'll work with us through the whole project, not unknown sub-contractors that you didn't hire and cannot control or predict.

  • We're the most trustworthy

If you or your friends have been victimized by contractors in the past, give us the chance they don't deserve. We're up-front and honest. We won't try and sell you work you don't need, just what needs to be done. We'll show up to your appointment with references and real client testimonials so you know we're not just "smooth talkers". We have inspected over 15,000 properties and fixed over 5,000 in over 20 years! There is virtually no one with that record except Alpha Structural, Inc.

We've gotten where we are today by understanding that gaining the client's respect and trust is by done by doing the right thing for the client - always. That is why we're one of the most referred foundation contractors in LA.

  • Custom designed, budget solutions

We can literally design anything. We can custom design the exact right solutions for you and your budget, whatever that is. We'll help you to find the right balance of achieving your goal and cost.

  • The best in customer service

When it comes to client communication, we're at the top. You'll understand what's happening and get frequent updates throughout the project. We'll take the time to make sure you understand everything we do.

We service clients in: Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County and more.

Compare our qualifications to anyone's. You will see the difference.

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Foundation Repair for Burbank CA

Whether you are doing home foundation repairs in Los Angeles or any other area of the country, preventive repairs should be a priority and if ignored, will only turn into a bigger and more expensive problem. If you see any vertical or horizontal narrow or wide cracks, water seepage, or any other small issues, then now would be the time to handle it before it turns into a severe crack or worse, a buckling or bowed foundation wall.

Patching a crack will handle seepage in some cases, but does not stop the continued degradation of the foundation. Handle the underlying cause before it turns into a more major situation. Call us for your Foundation Repairs throughout the Burbank area.

Please browse our site and discover more about our foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting services – we are sure we will be able to service you and resolve any problem put in front of us.

Also servicing Earthquake Retrofitting Culver City CA and Foundation Repair Eagle Rock CA.

Some of the Foundation and
Hillside Problems We Can Fix: