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Customer Testimonials

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"Alpha Structural was an answer to our prayers. We only wish we had known about you much sooner. They did an excellent job of raising our home with less cracks than we had anticipated. The crew was competent and professional and very nice to work with. We will refer you and you may use us as a referral."

- K.D. Los Angeles, CA

"I used you guys 13 years ago and you did great work back then. The work was again top notch."

- T.T. Venice, CA

"You guys are absolutely terrific. On time, on budget, and an absolute pleasure to work with. When you hear the horror stories that people tell about working with contractors, it's pretty scary. We're thrilled with the way everything has gone and the design of the driveway is brilliant."

- S.C.E. Glendale, CA

The work was done in a timely manner, which was much faster then we expected. The two men who completed the work were extremely professional and did not create any messes. We would use Alpha Structural again."

- H.F. Sherman Oaks, CA

"While house "bolting" is hard for a consumer to assess; I felt the phone contact I had with staff was excellent, prompt and will informed, and well followed up. On site staff were professional, efficient, on time, very neat and clean no mess to pick up."

- J.K. Long Beach

"Thank you so much for service "above and beyond" expectations. Mark was very professional, helpful and supportive, great at hanging in and problem solving. The whole crew was amazing in their diligence, skill and professional helpful work."

- M.M. Sierra Madre, CA

"Dave, thanks to you and Mark for getting us through this process. Also thanks to Marlon and his crew. You did a great job and we will recommend you to others."

- G.M. Mt. Washington, CA

"I received more than expected. The quality of workmanship is very good and work was orderly, clean and well managed. I know this was a small pesky job to fix an old rickety house. Supervisor Mario's management and hands-on attention to getting details performed and completed with excellent results is particularly noteworthy."

- R.R. Los Angeles, CA

"Your crew was very professional, accommodating and tidy. We will highly recommend you to others."

- M.H. Pasadena, CA

As usual, another very good experience with Alpha! I really appreciated the guys replacing my anti-skunk screening and placing in new cedar shakes after the partial foundation replacement."

- M.P. Eagle Rock, CA

Some of the Foundation and
Hillside Problems We Can Fix:

  • Foundation Cracks
  • Deteriorating Foundations
  • Full Foundation Replacement
  • Earthquake Bolting/Retrofitting
  • Cracked Foundation Slabs
  • Soil Erosion
  • Landslide Remediation
  • Cracked Retaining Walls
  • New Retaining Walls
  • New Deck Foundations
  • Soft Story Correction
  • Sinking Foundations
  • Undermined Foundations
  • Bowed or Buckled Foundations
  • Sinking Slabs
  • Slabs that are Sloping
  • Foundation Wall Waterproofing
  • Hillside Failure or Landslide
  • Leaning Retaining Walls
  • Failing Deck Foundations
  • Poor Drainage

Services that we offer: