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Meet the Staff of Alpha Structural

Collectively, our staff comprise over 200 years of combined experience in hard-core foundation/hillside inspection, engineering and repair. That makes the most qualified foundation engineering and contracting firms in all of Southern California. Click on a name to learn more.

Alpha Structural Team

David Tourjé / Owner & Chief Executive Officer

David Tourjé, the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the company, decided to specialize in foundation and hillside repairs due to the increasing demands for this type of work. He began in the construction trade in 1978. His focus was, from the beginning, on hillside construction and structural repair - becoming a journeyman carpenter and formsetter. Mr. Tourjé constructed many high difficulty hillside homes during the 1980s and has underpinned or repaired over 5,000 damaged structures and slopes, inspecting and evaluating over 10,000 properties.

Linda Tourjé / Owner & Chief Financial Officer

Linda Tourjé is the Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Alpha Structural, Inc. Linda currently oversees all financial and administrative functions of the company and ensures smooth administrative operations.

Trish Quigley / Senior Vice President

Trish Quigley is Senior Vice President of Alpha Structural, Inc. With over 20 years of successful corporate experience, Trish is exceptionally well qualified to maintain the smooth operation of the company and to ensure that this translates to satisfied customers. Her people/communication skills come in handy for solving “unsolvable” problems, while her managerial skill and meticulous attention to detail help keep projects running properly and assist in their timely completion.

Mark Schlaich / Vice President Engineering

Mark Schlaich is Vice President Engineering of Alpha Structural, Inc. and has been with the company since 2001. Mark began in the construction trades in 1974. Mark’s experience prior to Alpha Structural, Inc. runs from expert carpenter through general contracting; having experience with structural concrete, caissons, grade beams, hillside repairs, custom homes, high-end restaurants and large commercial buildings. Since being with Alpha Structural, Inc., Mark has personally inspected over 8,000 properties. Mark’s job is to assess properties and design all repairs to ensure they get completed to the utmost customer satisfaction.

Charlie Rosenkranz / Vice President Engineering

Charlie Rosenkranz is Vice President Engineering of Alpha Structural, Inc. He has over seventeen years’ experience in custom home building, hillside excavation and retaining walls, caissons and grade beam construction, remodeling and foundation replacements. Mr. Rosenkranz has personally inspected and evaluated over several thousand homes and hillsides. He is uniquely qualified to determine what the customer needs and wants and to identify the exact problem and the best solution for the property and the customer. Charlie’s job is to assess our customers’ concerns, provide recommendations and devise solutions for any necessary repairs. Charlie oversees the design of all repairs for the properties he inspects to ensure all projects are executed and constructed to utmost customer satisfaction.

Kyle Tourjé / Structural Assessor

Kyle Tourjé is a Structural Assessor of Alpha Structural, Inc. Kyle grew up in the construction industry and has years of experience in foundation and hillside repair, retaining walls, caissons, grade beam construction and foundation replacements. He started out building various projects and worked his way up to a crew foreman and then became a Structural Assessor. Kyle is uniquely qualified to determine the exact problem and the best solution for the homeowner. Kyle’s job is to assess the customers’ concerns, provide recommendations and devise solutions for any necessary repairs. He oversees the design of all repairs for the properties he assesses to ensure all projects are executed to utmost customer satisfaction.

Brad Nestler / Structural Assessor

Brad Nestler is the Structural Assessor for Alpha Structural, Inc. Brad has years of experience in structural repairs/upgrades to homes and specializes in foundations. Brad will inspect the property and design the most efficient solution while looking to save on construction costs. He oversees the design for all repairs and will work with the homeowner to ensure that their own goals for their property are attained.

Erinn Rusnak / Structural Assessor

Erinn Rusnak is a Structural Assessor for Alpha Structural, Inc. Erinn has years of experience in structural repairs/upgrades to foundations, hillside homes, retaining walls, waterproofing, drainage and soft story retrofitting. After being a foreman for years, he was promoted to a Structural Assessor due to his technical skill and ability to analyze the most efficient structural repairs for any given situation.

James Chantler / Structural Assessor

James Chantler is the Structural Assessor for Alpha Structural, Inc. He has years of experience in retaining walls, concrete, foundation repairs/ replacements and hillside repairs. James has inspected over 2,000 properties and directly overseen the entire process of correcting his clients’ properties from design/engineering through running the crews. James is extremely qualified to advise on exactly what is the current condition of the structure and the most efficient way to resolve any problems.

Richard Sullivan / Quality Control Inspector

Richard (Dick) Sullivan is Alpha Structural, Inc. Quality Control Inspector. Dick has over 20 years of experience in construction and home inspections. He is a fully certified general home inspector and specializes in foundation repairs, foundation replacements, structural repairs, hillsides and caissons/ grade beams. His role is to inspect our work after completion to ensure that every job we finish is to our unparalleled standards of workmanship.

Max Oliva / Vice President of Marketing

Max Oliva is the Vice President of Marketing. Max has over 10 years of experience with marketing and holding executive positions. He currently spearheads all marketing campaigns and the expansion of Alpha Structural, Inc. while directly overseeing the customer service reps.

Dave Schlaich / Vice President Production

Dave Schlaich is Alpha Structural, Inc.’s Vice President Production who project manages all engineering and construction at Alpha Structural, Inc. Mr. Schlaich personally oversees each project from initial engineering and design through final inspection. All of his job supervisors, foremen and carpenters have been personally trained by Dave, Mark and David Tourjé, and are specialists in this difficult trade. Mr. Schlaich is directly responsible for the supervision and completion of all Alpha Structural, Inc. projects.

Mortimer Margolin / Principal Structural Engineer

Mortimer Margolin, Principal Structural Engineer for Alpha Structural, Inc. With over 60 years of experience in structural engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Mr. Margolin has been applying his advanced and expert knowledge and skill in the field of foundation repair, structural upgrades, hillside repair, etc. to Alpha Structural, Inc.’s residential and commercial projects since 1994. Mr. Margolin was the author of a technical paper on foundation engineering, was the Project Engineer for the upgrade of the Chinese Graumann Theatre, is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology, he was selected to be a member of the Chi Epsilon Honorary Society and engineers structures in three medias; concrete, steel and timber. Mr. Margolin is a registered Structural Engineer in the State of California.

Steve Ferguson / Project Superintendent

Steve Ferguson, Project Superintendent, has over 30 years of experience in construction and structural framing. Steve spent many years working as a general contractor where he picked up invaluable knowledge on not only the most efficient way to tackle a job, but the most efficient way to run his crew. Steve’s role is to directly oversee the projects construction and quality, all while communicating constantly with the client so they know exactly what is happening.

Rejean Guy / Job Superintendent

Rejean Guy is the Job Superintendent for Alpha Structural. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and specializes in structural repairs, hillside repairs, caissons/grade beams and foundation repairs to homes. Mr. Guy prides himself on the quality of each job, staying in constant communication with the home owner and delivering a service beyond what the client expected.

Samantha Dougherty / Vice President Finance

Samantha Dougherty is the Vice President Finance. With nearly a decade of experience in accounting, “Sami” manages all expenses to ensure the viability of Alpha.

Adam Fish / HR Director

Adam Fish is our HR Director. Adam oversees all HR functions and is tasked with establishing the most efficient crews capable of delivering our unparalleled standard.

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