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Steel Frame Retrofitting

Steel frame retrofitting is a crucial consideration for property owners of steel frame commercial buildings that want to prevent damage from seismic activity. Damage from an earthquake, especially in zones that are prone to seismic activity, can leave your structure crippled and risk the lives of workers and employees.

Not to mention, the business disruption you will face with time spent on repairs and rebuilds. This is an even greater risk for commercial properties in seismic zones like Los Angeles. One of the best options for preventing maximum damage caused by seismic events is steel frame retrofitting.

A professionally done steel frame retrofit can greatly enhance the safety and performance capabilities of your building. Another major benefit of steel frame retrofit is that it can deliver substantial savings on earthquake insurance premiums since your building is then fortified to withstand any extensive earthquake damage.

The Importance of Steel Frame Retrofit for your Commercial Building

Steel frame buildings that are constructed with a skeleton frame (horizontal l-beams and vertical steel beams) can deliver a robust architectural layout for your commercial building. However, they can still be vulnerable to damage from seismic activity or earthquakes.

During an earthquake, locations in the building structure where steel frames are welded together can easily develop cracks and fissures. Subsequent tremors and seismic activity can further intensify the cracks and fissures which can lead to extensive structural damage or even cause a collapse.

While it is true that structures with unreinforced masonry and concrete walls are definitely vulnerable to damage from seismic events, steel frame buildings are equally at risk. In fact, there is every chance that steel structures could sustain heavy damage or even collapse when not fitted to endure a major seismic event. For these reasons, steel frame retrofitting is a crucial consideration for all-steel frame buildings in Southern California.

How does Steel Frame Retrofit Work?

Commercial steel frame buildings present specific challenges that make them vulnerable to earthquake damage. Los Angeles and the Southern California regions are a hotbed of seismic activity – tremors and earthquakes are a common occurrence and a constant reminder of potential earthquake damage.

When you opt for a steel frame retrofit Los Angeles based experts Alpha Structural will perform a complete assessment of the present state of your steel structure as a first step. Once the inspection is completed, your steel frame retrofit team will work with you to create a construction plan that addresses all your retrofitting requirements. Any detected cracks or fissures along the beams will need to be either repaired or replaced.

In most cases, there is a need to fortify the structure with beam-column connections and braces that help in upgrading and securing the steel structure to make it earthquake ready.

Why Choose Alpha Structural for your Steel Frame Retrofit?

When you choose Alpha Structural for your Los Angeles steel frame retrofitting needs, you are guaranteed the services of a highly experienced team of steel retrofit experts. Our team will inspect the structural integrity and health of your steel frame building and provide you with a construction plan that includes optimal methods for securing vulnerable areas with retrofitting best practices – and we will ensure that this is done in a timely manner to address both your specified timeline and budget.

Another advantage of partnering with Alpha Structural for your steel frame retrofit is that we can help you seamlessly complete and meet the necessary ordinances and regulations needed to certify that your building is earthquake-ready.

Are you in need of expert steel frame retrofit for your commercial property? If yes, then call us at (323) 258-5482 or visit us online at Alpha Structural to schedule an appointment with our experts today!

We strive to deliver the best Steel Frame Retrofit in Los Angeles and Southern California!

If you are in need of expert steel frame retrofit in Los Angeles and Southern California for your commercial building, then we are the experts for the job. Steel frame retrofit is a specialized area – and it involves different types of steel frame retrofits. And not every retrofit contractor is qualified to deliver on every aspect of your steel frame retrofit needs.

The team of steel frame retrofit experts at Alpha Structural, however, are not only qualified for the job, but we know what we are doing having served commercial customers in Los Angeles and Southern California since the 1980s! If you want professional expertise and experience for your steel frame retrofit, then give us a call at (323) 258-5482 to schedule an appointment today.

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