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Here are some guidelines you can use to determine if a structural repair company is reputable:

  • Are they licensed?
  • What class of license do they have? An "A" licensed General Engineering Contractor is preferable in the case of most structural repairs involving foundation or hillside work.
  • Is it the needed license for the work involved?
  • Are they insured? Bonded?
  • Do they get permits for the work they do?
  • Have they done this type of project before?
  • Have they done this type of project before often?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Do they have references?
  • Do they have references for this type of work?
  • Do they give you a comprehensive estimate that includes line items of the proposed work?
  • Are they professional in appearance and manner?
  • Are you satisfied that they have gotten to the bottom of the entire problem that needs to be addressed?
  • Do the solutions they propose make complete sense to you?

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