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Earthquake Retrofitting for Concrete Tilt-Up Buildings in Los Angeles

Concrete tilt-up buildings are sometimes included in the same municipal upgrade mandates as soft-story structures. Tilt-up construction is commonly used on low-rise industrial buildings due to lower construction costs. These STRUCTURES struggle to cope with the lateral movement of an earthquake and may need to be seismically retrofitted to better resist collapse.

Any concrete tilt-up property built prior to 1976 is prone to significant damage during a major or even a moderate earthquake. This has resulted in mandatory ordinances, requiring such properties to receive a seismic retrofit in Los Angeles.

A tilt-up building often contains a roof composed of light plywood connected to the concrete walls. During an earthquake, the CONNECTIONS holding the plywood roof to the walls can loosen AND BECOME COMPROMISED. If the CONNECTIONS FAIL, the roof may SUSTAIN DAMAGE due to it no longer having PROPER support. This can also lead to the wall DAMAGE, as the roof no longer acts as a stabilizer to the wall and vice versa.

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