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Foundation Underpinning in Los Angeles

Underpinning is a type of foundation repair that deepens the foundation to bypass sub-standard soil the home is currently resting on. The goal is to arrest ongoing settlement the home is experiencing while strengthening the existing foundation.

Foundation settlement of a home can lead to minor damage (cracks and/or drainage issues) to major structural and foundation failures as well as safety issues. Waiting for major issues to arise before considering foundation repair can often be too late and add tremendous expense. Damaged or sub-standard foundations can greatly affect a home’s property value and even hinder the ability to sell or re-finance it. However, a home that has undergone a foundation underpinning can only see it’s value increased.

Foundation Underpinning Los Angeles Home Foundation Underpinning Foundation Underpinning

If real estate is all about location, location, location… the same applies to foundations. When it comes to foundation underpinning Los Angeles provides specific and unique challenges. Within any 10 mile radius in Southern California you will find a wide variety of topography and foundation styles. From flat valley floors, to rolling hills to steep and dramatic mountainsides, any of these locations present challenges to a home’s foundation, and any foundation repair.

There are several methods of foundation underpinning and the type of underpinning done depends on the location and architecture of the home. If your home requires foundation underpinning Los Angeles structural specialists, Alpha Structural will design and engineer the most practical method to fit your home.

Foundation underpinning can involve caissons (site specific steel reinforced concrete piles) and grade beams (steel reinforced concrete beams just below the grade level). Alpha Structural specializes in the specific foundation repair of underpinning homes, especially hillside homes with unique architecture or restricted working space.

If your home is experiencing foundation settlement and requires foundation repair, call us today. If your home requires foundation underpinning, Alpha Structural will design and engineer the most practical method.

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