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Foundation Inspections in Los Angeles

Here at Alpha Structural, we offer foundation inspections and estimates for homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area who are looking to upgrade the condition and quality of their home. Separately, we offer professional foundation inspections services for real estate transactions. If you are purchasing or selling a home in Los Angeles and would like to request a foundation inspection, please click here.

The most important thing to know about repairing your foundation is that it is not an absolute – there will always be options available. The first step is to identify exactly what is occurring in the home (cracks, doors/windows not opening properly, sloping floors, etc.) and then what caused these. We always start inside the home to see what is going on. Then we look on the exterior and finally the crawlspace (if the home has one). Once this is complete we can then establish what exactly the owner would like to do.

Our goal at Alpha Structural, Inc. is to engineer and build the most precise, practical and responsible repair for our customer’s property, in conformance with State and Local Building Codes and with their budget in mind, so that they may realize their goals concerning the correction of their property.

The ability to engineer and build in-house puts us at an advantageous position in that we engineer our projects looking for the most efficient way to build. This saves on construction costs which in-turn save money for the home owner.

If you are looking for the best foundation inspection company Los Angeles has to offer, look no further. Call Alpha Structural today.

Foundation Inspection Video

Our foundation inspection found that this homes foundation was literally crumbling apart. Alpha Structural's structural accessor shows the level of degradation to this homes foundation. Needless to say, this home is in dire need of a foundation repair.

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