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Multi-Family Structural Services in Los Angeles & Southern California

Multi-family housing in a seismic zone presents a number of construction challenges. If the construction work is compromised in any manner, it can lead to catastrophic results and leave you with a mountain of repair work. And it’s not just about property loss or damage – the threat to life or even loss of life are possibilities one cannot ignore.

The construction challenge is further driven by the increasing demand for enhancing and improving amenities, adding new housing features and facilities, and the need for professional repairs from buyers.

For this reason, you need the services of a dependable and highly experienced multi-family services contractor who can help effectively secure your home construction against the potential threat of damage to life and property in a seismic event.

If you are looking for a name that you can trust for your multi-family services requirements, then we can help. Visit us at Alpha Structural today or call us at (323) 258-5482 to schedule an inspection or request an estimate.

25 Years of Experience in Securing Multi-Family Housing

Alpha Structural is a trusted multi-family contractor with more than 25 years of experience in serving multi-family home owners across Los Angeles and Southern California regions. We take pride in our commitment to consistency and quality in employing advanced construction and repair methods for all our projects – including multi-family services.

Our services are top of the line and highly cost-effective. Here is a list of the multi-family services we offer.

Soft Story Retrofitting

A major seismic event in Southern California is just a matter of time. One of the best ways of ensuring your home and property are secured against the kind of damage an earthquake can cause is via soft story retrofitting.

It can limit structural damage to your home – but most importantly, it can help save lives! Soft story retrofitting is also mandated by law. So, when you get a soft story retrofitting for your building, it can potentially save your from a costly lawsuit. You could also benefit from substantially lowered insurance premiums, and benefit from grants, tax breaks, and utilize financial aid.

Basement Expansion

One of the most common house modifications is adding more space or expanding on available space and square footage. However, without careful planning, this step can throw up multiple challenges. You also have to consider a number of factors such as adhering to local zoning regulations – in a lot of cases, regulations can limit your expansion plans to a predetermined square footage of your house.

Having said that, adding a basement or a crawl space to your home can effectively meet your need for additional space. If you are planning on building a basement or crawl space, then we can help you with your expansion requirements while complying with all zonal regulations.

Balcony Repairs

Your balcony is an integral aspect of you external home structure – and any damage to your balcony can impact your house structure. One of the most common repairs for balconies is the need for waterproofing it to prevent structural damage.

In addition, homes with balconies in seismic zones can be particularly vulnerable to damage from tremors.

At Alpha Structural we undertake all types of balcony repair works that can help fortify and secure your balcony against any further damage.

Earthquake Bolting

Earthquake bolting housing structures can help secure them against small tremors, or vibrations and shifts in the earth – any of which can damage your foundation and your house/building structure.

Alpha Structural has been offering professional multi-family earthquake bolting services to secure housing structures from sliding off their foundation during a seismic event.

Sister Foundation

A sister foundation is simply a foundation that is poured against an existing foundation which has been structurally compromised. In a lot of cases, brick or rock foundations can become redundant in their ability to support the housing structure. This is where a sister foundation can provide the necessary support for the building structure and also ensure your multi-family housing effectively addresses the current seismic building codes.

Spalling Concrete Repair

Spalling is a common housing issue. Although it is more prevalent among older buildings, spalling can also happen in new buildings if at the time of construction, the concrete was poured improperly. The most common signs of spalling are cracks and bulges in the concrete surfaces, flaking or chipping, and even missing concrete chunks.

A spalling concrete repair can however, effectively address this issue.

Trusted Multi-Family Services in Los Angeles and Southern California with Alpha Structural!

Alpha Structural is a leading multi-family services contractor for residents in Los Angeles and across the Southern California region. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and then find the most effective solution to meet your multi-family housing requirements.

So, if you are looking for an experienced and reputed Los Angeles multi-family services contractor, then contact us at (323) 258-5482 to schedule an inspection or request an estimate. You can also visit us at Alpha Structural today.

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