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Basement Expansion

Are you looking to add more space to your property? Simply adding more available space and square footage to your property might not be as easy as you think. There can be a lot of factors to take into account, including local zoning regulations that can limit the maximum square footage of the house.

A great way to circumvent these restrictions and end up with excellent usable space that can be put to many different uses would be adding a basement to your property or expanding an existing basement or crawl space. Seasoned builders and engineers at Alpha Structural can offer you excellent basement expansion services.

Benefits of Basement Expansion

Adding flexible, functional space to your property can be simple with basement expansion. There can be many benefits you can enjoy with a new or expanded basement, including:

  • Increased floor area without adding to the footprint of the building
  • A large single space that can be put to many uses
  • Extra living and storage space that can accommodate a growing family without the need to move to a new, larger house
  • Improved energy efficiency as basements have less exposed external walls
  • An excellent addition in property value should you want to sell down the line

Initial Considerations

Several factors need to be investigated and evaluated before you consider any kind of basement expansion, whether it involves adding a new, finished basement to your property or expanding an existing basement or crawl space. 

To begin with, the condition of your property foundation and the soil stability surrounding the foundation would need to be checked out. This is necessary to avoid the chance of future collapse or foundation failure.

Stable, solid soil is preferred if you are looking to build or expand a basement as these offer a stable foundation for your building. Sandy or loose soil, on the other hand, can result in soil loss during excavation and create an unstable base structure. Our qualified engineers can help engineer the most cost-effective solution for your site-specific conditions. 

Adding a Basement

One of the easiest ways to add more livable space to your property is to add a finished basement. Adding a finished basement involves steps to ensure your basement is a valuable addition to your property. Every step of the process requires careful handling and our engineers at Alpha Structural can help you sit back and relax while we handle the complicated stuff.

Making a new or expanded basement livable and pleasant entails installing proper drainage and the proper features and amenities. Our structural experts will design your basement with proper drainage to ensure your basement is dry and free of complications that accompany poor drainage systems. 

Expanding a Basement

If you already have a basement or crawl space, making it larger can solve a lot of problems. It can also be significantly cheaper and faster to add on to an existing basement space. If you know exactly how much extra space you need, you can tailor the project towards giving you that space without waste or inefficiency.

It is also important to follow building code while creating a basement. This can include daylighting, building proper exits, and compliance with local fire safety regulations.

If you are interested in the kind of value addition a new basement can bring to your property, you can always consult a realtor in your area to take a look at pricing trends.

Basement Expansion Services at Alpha Structural

Whether it is adding a new basement or expanding an existing one, the process needs to be carried out with great care by skilled and experienced builders and engineers using the right tools and the right materials. Problems during the building phase can have negative effects on your overall structural integrity and increase the dangers of a collapse or foundation failure with time.

This is why it’s crucial to trust our experts here at Alpha Structural with all your basement expansion needs. With vast experience carrying out basement expansions, we can add value to your property by planning and executing the perfect basement expansion project that helps improve your living experience on a number of levels.

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