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Alpha Structural is a highly rated design/build firm serving Los Angeles and Southern California. For more than 25 years, Alpha Structural has delivered consistent and quality-based foundation services to homeowners, and we strive to exceed client expectations with every project.

Our attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, the use of the most advanced and innovative repair and construction methods combined with our dedicated and highly experienced team of experts is what sets us apart.

Transform and Protect your Residential Property with Alpha Structural

Alpha Structural can help you plan and implement best-in-class foundation solutions and designed to be cost-effective. Here is a list of the residential services we offer.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation repair can provide your house structure with the necessary support and strength it needs to withstand any kind of damage. In addition, they can drastically reduce seepage issues, help prevent mold or mildew growth, and offer greater fire resistance.

Earthquake Bolting

Professional earthquake bolting from Alpha Structural can help prevent your house from sliding off its foundation during a seismic event and keep you and your family as well as your property safe.

Foundation Repair

Residential properties in seismic zones can sustain foundation damage. Time and poor original construction methods and the use of poor quality material are also factors that can cause foundation damage. At Alpha Structural, we offer professional repairs and preventive maintenance as a way of repairing foundation damage.

Foundation Replacement

If your foundation is damaged or showing signs of damage, it is best that have it inspected by foundation experts. And if needed, have your foundation replaced to prevent any risk to life and damage to property. Our team of in-house foundation experts and builders can deliver best-in-class foundation replacement services for your property.

Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is a process of fortifying your residential property against house settlement in areas where the residential property was built on sub-standard soil. It can also help in preventing any future house settlement issues.

Grade Beams

Residential homes in Los Angeles can face a number of structural issues – issues that are common in seismically active zones and or where mudslides and landslides are common. One of the best ways of effectively addressing these challenges is with grade beams.

Hillside Decks

Customized hillside decks can help optimize the potential of your hillside property. We can help you design, engineer, and build or even repair your hillside deck.

Hillside Drainage

Professional hillside drainage can help in preventing damage such as standing water, soggy landscape, mold, mildew, rotting of floorboards, and other damage to your property and residential structure.

Hillside/Landslide Repair

As a leading hillside/landslide repair contractor, we offer highly effective slope repair and slope reinforcement for residential property owners.

House Leveling

If your residential property is built on expansive soil, chances are it might start to sink and slope. We can help address the issue by raising your house to a desirable level using professional house leveling methods.

Retaining Walls

3 important purposes of retaining walls for your residential property:

  • They can prevent the soil from sliding down the slope.
  • They can help optimize the landscape by providing a flat-surface area for gardens or pools.
  • They are mandated by law and you can be held liable if the unstable soil on your property causes any kind of damage.

Alpha Structural can help design, engineer, and build the most practical retaining wall for your residential property.

Sister Foundation

A sister foundation can help you ensure your residential property meets the current seismic building codes. In a lot of cases, homeowners don’t want to disturb their landscape design. Here again, a sister foundation is carried out to meet the property requirements.

Spalling Concrete Repair

If your concrete surface is displaying flaking or chipping, or even it is missing large concrete chunks, we can do a spalling concrete repair to address the issue.

Stilt Home Reinforcement

There is no doubt that stilt homes hold their own charm and appeal. However, they can present several structural challenges that can pose a threat to life and property. The best way to identify and address these structural vulnerabilities is by partnering with a professional stilt home reinforcement service provider such as Alpha Structural.


If you are looking for the best foundation or basement waterproofing then we can help. Our waterproofing experts will first identify the cause of flooding and poor water drainage issues and then plan and implement a waterproofing design that can prevent water from coming in and causing any kind of damage.

Professional Residential Foundation Services in Los Angeles and Southern California

Alpha Structural is a highly reputed foundation contractor offering services to homeowners in Los Angeles and across the Southern California region. Regardless of your budget or design, our team of residential service experts will work with you to deliver on your expectations both in terms of design and cost.

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