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Spalling Concrete Repair

We at Alpha Structural provide the best-in-class spalling concrete repair service in Los Angeles. We can help you deal with spalled concrete affecting your home or office building.

Spalling is an issue that often appears in older, framed buildings and structures, but it can also arise where concrete has been improperly poured or sealed. If you see cracks and bulges in your concrete surfaces, it is likely that you have a spalling problem.

In reinforced structures, spalling can cause problems in structural integrity if left untreated. Not to mention spoiling the aesthetics of your property. However, with the right preventive measures and expert spalling concrete repair services, you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your buildings.

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What is Concrete Spalling?

When it comes to spalling concrete repair, there may be more to know about the phenomenon and the problems it can cause in the long run. Spalling is the flaking or chipping of material from artificial surfaces like concrete. If you see any concrete surface in your home or office that displays chipping, flaking, or missing large chunks exposing the coarse aggregate below, you have a concrete spalling problem.

While this is the visual indicator of the problem, a deeper dive is needed to understand the causes. Several chemical and physical processes might contribute to concrete spalling and factors like the environmental conditions and the original mixing technique of the concrete can play important roles. Most common causes of concrete spalling include:

  • The corrosion of the reinforcing steel or rebar. The corrosion produces rust that results in volume expansion, putting pressure on the concrete. This extra pressure causes the concrete to spall.
  • An alkali-silica reaction can take place between cement pastes which are alkaline in nature and the silica in concrete aggregates which can be reactive. This reaction also results in volume expansion and, over time, spalling.
  • Water that has penetrated into the concrete can freeze and thaw with the seasons. During the winter, the freezing of the water can cause it to expand in volume putting pressure on the concrete which can result in spalling.

Apart from these main causes, spalling can also occur from fire exposure, the use of low-quality concrete, badly constructed joints, and bond failure.

Spalling Concrete Repair Procedure

At Alpha Structural, we perform spalling concrete repair based on our years of experience and the recommendations and best practices of all applicable building codes.

When it comes to spalling concrete repair, we bring the same attention to detail and high standards to the table to provide exemplary repair work. We will design and engineer the most effective cost-efficient repair for you.

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At Alpha Structural, we take great pride in providing reliable and responsible repair services to all our customers. Spalling concrete repair is something that requires the services of seasoned specialists and we are happy to provide you with just that. Our long experience in concrete repair helps us provide a stellar quality of service.

If you want to combat concrete spalling issues at your home or place of business, give us a call and we would be pleased to be of service.

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